Bobby Pollock Distinguished Service Award

Bobby PollockEach year, Loyola Law School presents an award to a member of the Loyola Law School staff who has provided exceptional service and made outstanding contributions to the Loyola community. The award is named after Bobby Pollock, a staff member at the school from 1973-1984.

Bobby served as a Graphics Technician at Loyola Law School. In this position, he worked in the Graphics Department and on AV issues. He also delivered the mail throughout campus.

Bobby was well-known for his kindness to others and his work ethic. An earlier biographic sketch of Bobby notes that Bobby “was easy going” and had a “caring attitude for people.” According to this account, Bobby’s most significant quality “was the ability to have time to listen to anyone who needed to talk—faculty, staff support, personnel, and of course, the students who needed help.” Bobby was “always willing to help a fellow staff member and on countless occasions volunteered to serve on committees and support groups.” Above all, Bobby was “famous for listening to problems and settling grievances over a cup of coffee and a doughnut.” Current staff members who worked with Bobby remember his kindness, and noted he was well-liked throughout campus.

Bobby was part of a family with close ties to the greater Loyola community in Los Angeles. His sister Margy also worked at LLS and his mother Margaret worked at Loyola High School. His siblings Judith, Jim, and Tom Pollock were all “great supporters of the Loyola family” and Bobby’s brother is a priest in the Society of Jesus (S.J.)

The Bobby Pollock Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to honor Pollock’s enthusiasm and loyalty to the Loyola Law School community.

2020-2021 Bobby Pollock Distinguished Service Award

Nominations will soon be accepted for the 2019-2020 Bobby Pollock Distinguished Service Award.

  • Nominee must be a full-time LLS staff member with a minimum of 1 year of service. (Please note that current members of the Bobby Pollock Staff Service Award Committee are ineligible for nomination.)
  • Nominee must make outstanding contributions to Loyola Law School through service, innovation and/or leadership. 
  • Nominee must be respected by members of the LLS community and make contributions beyond his/her job responsibilities. 
  • Nominee must serve as a role model for excellence.

Any member of the law school community may submit a nomination, but only one nomination is allowed per person. There is no limit to the number of times an individual can win the award. Individuals submitting nominations are requested to not campaign (e.g., send a broadcast email message) for any particular staff member.

To submit a nomination, please complete the Distinguished Staff Service Award nomination form at  

The recipient of the Bobby Pollock Distinguished Staff Service Award will be recognized and presented with an award at the Dean’s Breakfast, and will be acknowledged at the LMU Staff Service Awards (dates to be announced). The honoree will also serve as Herald at the Law School’s Commencement Ceremony in May 2021. 

We appreciate your input. Please help us honor a worthy staff member by submitting a nomination for this award!  

Bobby Pollock Distinguished Service Award Committee, 2020-2021

  • Rocio Cabrera, Student Affairs
  • Earl Morgan, Instructional Technology Services
  • Souania Moua, Faculty Support
  • Leasly Salazar, Social Justice Clinic
  • America Bonilla, Student Financial Services

Past Recipients

  • America Bonilla
  • Alicia Mejia
  • Maura Boden
  • Suzie Shatarevyan
  • Linda Wysocky
  • Jerome Thompson
  • Brian Costello
  • Christine Zeimantz
  • Laura Cadra
  • Jun Melchor
  • Megumi Tomatsu
  • Elizabeth Luk
  • Vlasta Lebo
  • Dan Weiss
  • Camille Toomer
  • Marta Gallegos
  • Roberto Koch
  • Rhonda Starr
  • Stuart Miller
  • Lynette Green
  • Carmen Ramirez
  • Ruben Gutierrez
  • Rosie Branconier
  • Jack Moya

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